September 16, 2014

Backwards Slapshot Sneak Peek

Itching for some Backwards Slapshot? While they're getting cued up and the season draws near, here's a look at some of the characters in upcoming installments.

Meet fans Robby and Anna
Robby is a diehard Caps fan who just can't seem to catch a break. His wife, Anna, also loves the Caps, and finds herself often reciting Peter Bondra statistics at parties. She is still trying to convince Robby that cheering for Brooks Orpik this season won't "somehow make him a Penguins fan". They hope to purchase a pet dog later this year and name him "Langway" or "Stevens"... it's still a point of contention, and may ultimately be the reason they never get a dog.

Marcus dreams of one day having an office in an NHL facility. Being that he works as a lab tech at the hospital, it's a long shot. Regardless, he has the lab's thermostat set at 60 in order to acclimate "just in case". His colleagues are not fond of Marcus' aspirations, but do enjoy his Bruce Boudreau impression.

Two of your fearless leaders, Ted Leonsis and Barry Trotz, appear in upcoming episodes detailing Ted's philanthropic activities and Barry's summer preparation.  
The season will be filled with poking fun at the play of the Caps and lives of their faithful fans... so stay tuned as our Caps get underway!