January 3, 2015

New Year

On Thursday, I posted a bunch of comics at Japers' Rink for the NHL Winter Classic. Consider it "Backwards Slapshot Goes to the Game". I heard some great feedback from a few fans of the series, and thought that it went over pretty well. The comic that ended up having the largest audience turned out to be due to Ovechkin's big game:
And while I was hoping that the captain would end it, potentially sending my anticipated comic into overdrive, I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible ending via Troy Brouwer. What a game! What a finish!. Hopefully y'all enjoyed the experience, I know I did. It was definitely enhanced by Japers' Rink's incredible coverage of the event before/during/& after... They are truly amazing people who work tirelessly to provide a unique vantage point on our favorite NHL franchise. Here's to more in 2015!!